The Story

The Problem

About the brand from founder and graphic designer, Taylor-Ann Smith:

I started mountain biking about 3 years ago and it was the first sport that made me feel powerful. That empowerment coupled with lessons of patience, powering through obstacles, and looking ahead would literally transcend into every aspect of my life.

Everytime I would ride locally at Grand Targhee or JHMR, I'd see guys in these loose, simple design jerseys that I could never find in the women’s section at local bike shops or online. So I started shopping in the men's section where I found more suitable colors but the fit still wasn't quite right. I was still sweating my ass off, they were too short, and I didn't like buying so much product manufactured overseas.

And that’s when I decided it was time to force a new option into the market.

Ride Force challenges you to look at your self differently by creating clothes that actually make you look and feel better on the bike - when you look good, you feel good right?

The Solution

Ride Force fills a gap in the mountain bike apparel market by offering iinclusively sized products that perform at the highest level with designs that are gender-neutral and forward thinking.

Our jerseys are all printed with a premium polyblend fabric imported from Italy. We are ahead of the current supply chain issues by already supplying from Europe, ordering based on need, and working with eco-friendly initatives.

Some design features that came from frustrations with other brands include an extended drop tail, hidden google wipe, and angled shoulder seems to avoid pack rub.

You’ll notice on our website we don’t have genders. All products are unisex to promote inclusivity. If you like it and you feel like a badass in it, who the hell cares?

We offer XS - 2XL on all products and want any skill, size, age, or gender to feel great in a Ride Force jersey. 

While the jerseys are the main foundation of this brand, Ride Force aims to create an inclusive community of bikers. Because if I can do this, you can do this and we should all be riding together.

We believe EVERY BODY (men, women, young, old, newbie, full sender, 2 wheels, 3 wheels, you name it) should feel badass on a bike and focus on the trail not the fit of your gear.

Looking Ahead

Ride Force aims to sponsor a major bike event, continue hosting pop up clinics, have a diverse team of ambassadors ranging from pros to everyday riders, and be available in bike shops worldwide.



While the jerseys are the main foundation of this brand, Ride Force aims to create an inclusive community of bikers.

Some examples of Ride Force giving back are our nonprofit donations, hosting affordable events such as our free pop up clinics, and sharing riders stories to break barriers in the competitive space. 


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