The Fabric

Our VENTX fabric is imported directly from Italy and then brought to production in the heart of mountain bike country in South America. We only work with the best of the best to ensure our products perform at the highest level while providing next level breathability and flexibility.
We understand our products are higher priced than our competitors BUT we can tell you:
• where the fabric comes from
• who printed your jersey
• who sewed your jersey
• who mailed it to you (hi, it's me, Taylor-Ann)
PLUS the entire jersey is made of VENTX instead of just side panels or a back panel - Ride More and Sweat Less is the name of our game.
Italian fabrics - as you know - are top tier and we specifically chose to work with this fabric and an eco-friendly, bike driven manufacturer (versus completely outsourcing to Asia like our competitors) to bring you a product unlike anything else on the MTB market.
We support ethical, innovative workforces as much as possible - which comes at a price - but trust us it's worth it once you feel the comfort, flex, and fit. You can throw one on and know the hands that touched it every step of the way.

Ride Force jerseys are quality, lightweight, breathable, and stylish. On top of that, the fit is amazing, I love how long it sits.
5 stars!

- Erica / Google Review


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