What's Our "Why"?

Ride Force did initially focus on women as our target audience even though all of our products are gender neutral and size inclusive. As the business has grown and gender identity has become nominal, we’ve decided we care more about skill and inclusion whether you ride two wheels, three wheels, pro, beginner, and everything in between. We’re all about promoting confidence regardless of how you identify - so if you like it, buy it!

While our products are the main foundation of this brand, Ride Force truly aims to create an inclusive community of bikers.

To do that, Ride Force has:

Hosted inclusive, beginner friendly group rides

Hosted a community bike party with Teton Adaptive and a local bike shop

Helped build, fund, and design signs for a new local bike park in Victor, Idaho

Partnered with Teton Adaptive through fundraising and collaboration jerseys to advocate for adaptive mountain bikers

Given free merchandise for raffles to Mountain Bike the Tetons, Teton Mountain Bike Alliance, Mountain Girl, Southwest Montana Mountain Bike Association, and Be More Stoked

Donated to regional bike initiatives through High Fives Foundation, Southwest Montana Mountain Bike Association, Mountain Bike the Tetons, Women in the Tetons, and Teton Freeriders.

Used regional artists, photographers, videographers, and marketing help to promote business in the Rocky Mountain West.

Organizations We Support

These are just a few of the organizations Ride Force supports that embody our mission of inclusion, community, and accessiblity in the outdoors.

We would love to grow this list so please reach out if your organization would like to collab with us!


Before we can stand out, we must first get clear on what we stand for.

- Simon Sinek

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